Payment methods: We accept paypal, bank transfer, debit card, credit card.

PayPal is a safe, reliable and free way to pay for the items you buy online.


HOW TO PAY VIA PAYPAL WITHOUT A PAYPAL ACCOUNT (with your credit card or bank account)


You can pay for your items via PayPal even if you prefer not to open a PayPal account. Just follow the simple instructions below.

1. Choose 'PayPal/credit cards' as payment method during checkout

2. After confirming your order you will be taken to the paypal website. Look out for the credit card symbols (see example below) then simply click the 'continue' link and you will be able to complete your purchase using your credit card or bank account.


Pay through PayPal without a PayPal account

*This is just an example picture, so the link won't work.It WILL work when you reach the PayPal checkout page!


Once you click the "Continue" link on the checkout page, you can enter your credit card details as normal.